Monday, February 15, 2010

Cape Town and Franschhoek

February 1

First thing in the morning, we headed to Cape Town.  Tom "needed" to pick up more toys - especially the Zulu ebony club (used to kill animals).

Some of Tom's toys.

We then headed to Franschhoek which means French Corner.

Our first winery was Mont Rochelle.

Beautiful views...

The Huguenot Memorial - In 1688, the French Huguenots fleed from religious persecution in France.  Approximately 200 Huguenots arrived in the Cape of Good Hope.  They were assigned farms around Franschhoek where they planted vineyards.

We had an absolutely wonderful dinner at Noop in Paarl.


Phivos Nicolaides said...

Hi my dear friend Dawn! Although you never visit my traveling site, I invite you to see my son's post : Cape Town

Leesa said...

It's all so breath taking! I'm soooo glad you guys had a chance to visit this beautiful land!!! Thanks for sharing your lovely pics!!!