Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Part IV - our travels around France

Onto the Châteaux...first stop... Château de Chenonceau.  This château has been described as the most beautiful of Châteaux.  This Renaissance château stretches across the River Cher on piers.

Next stop...Château de Ambroise.  This château was the home to French King Louis XI and his wife Charlotte of Savoy. 

In the Gothic Chapel of St. Hubert (on the grounds of Château de Amboise) are the remains of Leonardo de Vinci.

One of the many "small" fireplaces in the château.

Château de Chambord - Commissioned as a hunting lodge by Francois I in 1519.  It's the largest of the Loire châteaux with 440 rooms.

A quick stop for lunch and photo op in Orléans.

Final stop... see the Chartes Chathedral renowned for its stained glass.

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Luís said...

To me it's the most wonderful and lovely place on earth, La France avec ses chateau.