Monday, December 29, 2008

Arghh again!!

I have been blogging for about a month now, but I have not shared my blog address with anyone. I know that this drives my husband crazy, but I feel that it's not ready for the world to view it yet.

Last night, my friend Leesa called. Leesa is the one who is responsible for getting me into this blogging mess. So, as Leesa is on the phone with me, Tom convinces me to give her my blog address.

As we're talking, Leesa logs on. Her first comment is "Oh no". Not a good start.

Leesa gave me the name Noel because of Starbucks. Actually, the first name that she gave me translated as either giraffe or monkey (or some other zoo animal). The Starbuck's employees thought that it was hysterical. Hence, my second new name Noel.

However...apparently I don't know how to spell my name....Noel is the boy's name and Noelle is the girl's name. Go figure!! Since I have no idea on how to change my blog address or gmail, I will remain Noel.

Oh I forgot...the reason why Leesa gave me a pseudonym is because my name is impossible to understand here in France (or in Spain, Germany, Portugal, Hungary etc....).

I have a lot to learn....


Leesa said...

Haha!! That's pretty funny, NOELLE!!! BTW, I gave Alex your blog address, too! He liked all the pics of the wine fair.. Should I have him write you comments in French?!! : ) Too bad the only day we have actually ever planned to meet and work on YOUR NEW BLOG, the internet connection happens to be out all over Paris-- well, at least in Montparnasse!! DRAT, DRAT!! I will see if Aimee has wifi at ther salon du the' and maybe we can just meet there next time!!
Great start on your blog!! You're doing just fine!!!

NotesfromNoel said...

Of course, Alex can leave his comments in French. I have my French/English dictionary at my side!

garcal said...

Hello Noëlle,
Il faut mettre ta traduction en Français hahahaha
Très sympa ton Blog.