Sunday, December 28, 2008


So...all of my blogger friends told me how easy it was to set up a blog. Well, it's definitely NOT easy for me!!!

I was only able to post one item yesterday and it took me forever to do it. I couldn't get the font type, font size and color that I wanted...and I still can't get it right.

Then, I had an extremely difficult time adding the pictures. First, I couldn't get the pictures on my blog. Then, when I finally got them on my blog, they were in the wrong place. Then, when I tried to move them, they would disappear completely!!!


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Leesa said...

No, I said... It's easy once you "get the hang of it!!" After that, it is easy... I took me three or four months to get really used to it all so take your time and have fun with it.. Go to town!!! It looks great so far!!!!!! Next we'll get Eliz to start a blog.. heheheheh!