Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sushi again!!

Finally, Bob was getting used to my cooking again - it takes about a month from when he gets back from Tennessee. For the first month, all he does is complain about my cooking. The adjectives that Bob uses to describe my cooking alternate between yuck, bland, burnt, dry and crap. Unfortunately, I have to agree with him.

Anyway, Bob was finally getting used to my cooking until the strike. Since the public transportation was on strike (as well of other companies), Bob stayed at his friend's house in St. Cloud who lives within walking distance of the school. Unfortunately for me, his friend's mother is an excellent cook. Bob loved everything that was made for him. They are Canadian and Bob couldn't even tell me what he was eating other than it was sooooo good!!

So , now I'm back at "square one". Santé!

Bob's dinner (menu bateau)...


Mine (California rolls)...I'm not as adventurous as Bob and Tom...



WOW!! That made me hungry!! For dinner tonight, Alex ate the cold Croque Madame he made me for lunch- he made two and I ate one earlier today. I had steamed some baby carrots yesterday for dinner but didn't eat them and left them out all night in the pan (whoops!). They were sad looking and shriveled up today so I threw them in some water and heated them up - they regained some of their plumpness-- that was what I had for dinner! I would have preferred the sushi you guys ate!! O WELL!!!! I'll have something good for lunch tomorrow to compensate... hehehe
aka "cupcake princesse"

Susu said...

Hey there!

I'm not much of a cook either. Thank heavens for frozen dinners!

Notes from Noël said...

Hey Leesa - you're always eating good and healthy food. You're such a phenomenal cook and baker!

Hi Susu - Not only am I not a good cook but I don't enjoy it at all. It was great to meet you a couple of weeks ago!