Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Man in our Bathroom

This is the "man" on one of our shower tiles who watches over the bathroom. Who do you think he looks like? This post is really about our bathtub/faucet problems. They have been going on for almost a month now. First, it started with a crack in our tub. Various plumbers came through and their views were vastly different on how to fix it. Obviously, the tub had to be replaced. Some of the plumbers said that every tile around the shower and tub had to be replaced. Some said that just half of the tiles had to be replaced. And some said that only the tiles on the front of the tub had to be replaced. This went on for weeks with a parade of French (oo la la) plumbers showing up at my door. Meanwhile, we had duct tape holding the crack together (sorry no picture). Then, the next issue was when could the work be done. Some plumbers could do it in October while others couldn't do it until December.

Well, as you can see from the following picture that our tub was replaced and only the front tiles had to be replaced. the problem became the faucet. Our old faucet worked fine but for some reason it was replaced. We could only get freezing cold water or burning hot water - nothing in between. We had to use our spaghetti pot to mix the water together to get temperate water. This went on for several days while we waited for the plumber to come back.

Next, we had an upside down faucet (a bidet if you will). It did work for giving us the right temperature water .

While the faucet is turned off...a little odd..

Anywho...the good news is that the plumbers came back again tonite and now everything is wonderful again.
The owners of the apartment who paid for this are wonderful. They are a cute retired couple who live in the building next door.

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