Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weisbaden - Part 3

The Weisbaden Christmas Market just opened today and that means Glühwein - hot spiced red wine!!  Yum!!

At night, we were invited to Schloss Freudenberg along with 18 of Tom's co-workers.  This was the most unique and fantastic experience.  The Schloss Freudenberg is a huge 106 year old mansion that challenges the mind and senses.

The highlight of the 5 hour evening was eating in Der Dunkelbar (The Dark Bar).  We were led into the bar by holding the shoulder of the person in front of us as well as feeling the walls.  We had a  5 course meal in total darkness.  It as an incredible experience!  Below is a "picture" of our dinner.


Barbara said...

Hello Noëlle,
My my; your trip sounded like so much fun !! More wonderful experiences for you and Tom .

I've only been to Germany once many years back. I was impressed with the cleanliness of the cities that I saw, and the people that I met were polite.

I enjoyed your pics !
Did you get my e mail I sent of FB ?

Take care & Happy Thanksgiving.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

That must of been one strange might be interested in this link, ..

take care x

Leesa said...

Very COOL! Just like the marchés de noêl in Strasbourg!

Can't wait!

Leesa said...

P.S. Your dinner looks DIVINE?! How DOOOO they do it? In the dark, that is?!!!