Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another blue-tiful day

It's another blue, beautiful day in Paris. I had to go to the super market and there's no easy way (no direct bus or metro) to get there. So, I walk. It's a about 3/4 mile each way. At least, I get my exercise! Here's my "lovely" cart. I made the mistake of letting Tom and Bob pick it out. They didn't pick out the prettiest cart but the "coolest" one (according to them). It can go 4 wheeling and climb curbs without any effort. Of course, Tom and Bob were trying to make my shopping adventures easier for me. I will be picking out my next cart!!

3 wheels on each side - what more could a girl want?! Lucky me!!

On my way to the hyper-marche....

Bob saw this movie back in the US and it's finally coming out in France.

And...I finally made it. It really is a wonderful walk in any season.

And...Carrefour is having a wine doesn't get any better than this!!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

A beautiful day, a wonderful walk, a wine fair and a cart!! What more does a girl need.... I know a nice girly cart !! :-) yes you need to pick your next one!!

Leesa said...

Hey Noelle....

I like the wheels... Good for jumping curbs, right?!! Sooo, which wines did you pick up at the store.. I know that was the real reason for your trek, right? hehehehe See you later~