Friday, January 30, 2009

Like son

Below is Tom's work area (aka our dining room table). The shiny yellow thing in the back left is the vest that Tom wears when he bikes. Every morning, I push Tom's stuff so that it only covers half of the table but it quickly just starts to spread out again.

Now, this is Bob's bed. Can you see the resemblence yet? In the second photo, you can see my closet which is behind the bed. Some days, I think I'm going to break my neck trying to get to my clothes.

Bob's friends refer to his bed as the "Bed of Doom". Once things are placed on the bed, you can never find them again!

Now, Tom and Bob are alike in so many other ways (other than their need for neatness).

Bob definitely resembles Tom. When we go to back to school night, the teacher always comes up to Tom and says that he must be Bob's Dad. Okay... their hair is a little different. Bob's hair is blonde, long and he has a lot of it. As Tom keeps telling him, enjoy your hair while you have it.

Tom and Bob also have the must contagious belly laugh. Our landlord came over one day - she lives in the building next door. She had been bumping into the other people from our building. They all told her that it was so wonderful to hear laughter coming from our flat all the time. Did I mention that their laugh was also loud??

Also, they are both extremely smart and quick on their feet. I never can win an arguement and I end up being more confused than when I started the arguement.

I could go on and on...but you get the idea.

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Wow, great post and the pictures are... familiar!
Thanks for sharing.