Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Eve Celebration

I thought that this was really neat. The Eiffel Tower has been blue for the last 6 months to commemorate President Sarkozy's 6 month term as the E.U. President. In addition, there were 12 yellow stars - which represent the European Union. His term ended on New Year's Eve.

At 11:59pm, one by one, the stars went out. In the first picture, all 12 stars are lit. It's hard to see the Eiffel Tower because it is blue. You can see the search light on top of the tower. The stars look like they're at the same height as the street lights. In the next picture, there are 5 stars and the third picture, there are 2 stars.

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Leesa said...

So, who are all the lovely peeps?!! How fun about the TE, I had no idea about it...
Happy New Year... Can't wait for your blog to "go public!!!"