Thursday, January 22, 2009

Too much fun and too much sugar!

I started the rainy, windy day by meeting Leesa, Sam and Sarah at the metro and then we headed over to a cupcake boutique. Cupcakes are not a common here in France and I've never seen them at boulangeries (bakeries). They are denser and not as moist as the ones that I'm used to back in the US. I had the lemon cupcake and the icing was sooooo good!

Leesa and I then headed over to the Marais. The rain had stopped so we had a wonderful time window shopping...well, we did a little more than window shopping...

Leesa knew a great place for coffee - Le Loir dans la Théière (the dormouse in the teapot).

So, we stopped for coffee and I just couldn't resist the meringue. I was definitely craving lemon today! Leesa had the Swiss chard soup which was a much healthier choice and just as good.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi reading about your "Coffee days", Leesa knows some good palaces :-)

Enjoy your fun!!!

Leesa said...

Hi N-

Oh... what a FULL and FUN day we had yesterday! Next week we can do it all again when I get my eyebrows done!! hehe... Great coffeehouse, eh? Just LOVE that place! Their merigue is to DIE FOR and the soup was QUITE DELISH!! Take care, Leese

Barbara said...

Hi Noëlle,
He he; there's no stopping the 2 of you.
I heard about your cupcake stop from Leesa on the phone. That second spot looks cute.
Once again, more than sure it's delish ;)

Have a great weekend to ya !

... said...

I hope you had a nice stay in Paris despite the weather
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